Intent-driven performance marketing platform

Our solutions let you acquire customers by capitalizing on their intent.

Shopnomix solutions

Shopnomix is designed to capitalize on consumer intent and optimize the path to conversion through friction-free user experiences across premium, brand-safe inventory.

Here are the ways you can reach a customer with the Shopnomix ecosystem.


Streamline motivated audiences directly to promoted brand’s website with Quicklinks featured in browsers, search engines and keyboard apps.

Content Commerce

Present your marketing message to active shoppers on sites aggregating value propositions and content reviews.

Influencer and Creator
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Connect and collaborate with influencers and creators who can authentically showcase your brand to motivated audiences, seamlessly navigating consumers to your brand.

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User privacy and brand safety by design.

Shopnomix works with top publishing partners (browsers, search engines, BNPL solutions, mobile apps & more) to ensure brand safety and scalable performance.

Our in-house compliance team makes sure that the traffic comes from trusted sources. Additionally, as we put consumers’ privacy first, our formats do not collect any user data.

What we offer

Managed Services

Shopnomix launches, tracks and optimizes your campaigns in real time. With no strain put on yout business.

Advanced Targeting

We can narrow down your target audience to country/region/city level, and filter by device, OS, or browser.

Real-time optimization

We track your campaigns’ performance down to the SubID level and optimize it on the go.

Fast Campaign Setup

We get your ads online within a couple of minutes thanks to the powerful, yet simple UI.

Trusted by global brands

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